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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a complete shift in your mood? From the placement of the furniture to the layout of art displayed on the walls, interior design most definitely impacts the energy a space gives off. However, every space may not convey a feeling that you want to be surrounded by. Your home or office could have good bones, but may need help in the style side of things. You should look around and be surrounded by exactly what makes you feel comfortable, happy, and inspired. That's where the need for an interior designer comes in. In an interior designer you will find someone who is skilled in working together to achieve the desired vision for a given space. A custom-made vibe for your place, if you will. It may seem like a simple task but not just anyone has the skill set and resources to make it happen. That's where Heather Martin and Metta-Home comes in.

Heather Martin interior designer and founder of Metta Home
Heather Martin, founder of Metta-Home

Heather Martin and the start of Metta-Home

Heather Martin is a Richmond, Virginia based Interior designer who founded Metta-Home in 2017. After years of experience traveling the world working in product/furniture design and textile production, Heather was ready to branch off and start her own company. However, Metta-Home is much more than just an interior design company. Heather impressively combines design consulting along with thoughtfully curated rental homes and eco-friendly home products to create an entire metta world. With Heather's help you can Live Metta, Stay Metta or Shop Metta (or all three!).

modern kitchen table and chairs, globe light fixture, natural woven circle rug

Live Metta

First and foremost Heather offers her design expertise to homeowners or businesses needing help in curating, styling, color theory, sourcing products, and more. Whether its one room or your entire house that needs an uplift, Metta-Home can transform any kind of space. Heather uses a collaborative design process to make sure her client's personality is still able to shine through, while benefiting from the guidance of a skilled designer. She makes sure to get to know each client to make sure she understands exactly what they envision. This open communication style paired with years of experience helps instill a level of trust, which will result in less room for any potential stress for everyone.

Mixing textures, colors, and bold patterns makes each space unique. Curl up in this reading nook at The Metta Home in Church Hill in Richmond

Trust also helps ensure the budget of a project will be used wisely and correctly. Choosing a DIY path over pairing up with a designer on a home project could leave more room for mistakes, upping the end cost of your project. Designing your dream space shouldn't be stressful and with Metta-Home it never is.

bright airy bedroom, white comforter, blue walls, mirrored dresser
Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary. Thoughtful, calm and comfortable.

Stay Metta

You can also experience the magic of Metta-Home first hand by staying in one of Heather's elevated rental homes across Richmond, Charlottesville and DC. (She is the super-host of Richmond's first AirBnb Plus!) Not every AirBnb or rental home is curated by an actual designer, so Metta-Home's spaces truly stand out upon entering them. While each space is unique to itself, every home Heather designs conveys a similar feel: comfort, kindness and serenity. Whether you need just a one night stay, a zen weekend getaway, or a longer escape from reality, each metta-home rental should leave you feeling refreshed.

Heather provides a locally roasted Metta Home coffee blend in each of her rental home's kitchens.

white towel
Metta-Home towels are provided in each rental home

Shop Metta

Lastly, Heather takes everything one step further by offering select home products used in her rental homes for sale. With her background in product design and development she was able to have her hand in providing her own line of metta goods. Loved the towels in the bathroom more than the ones back at home? Cant imagine living without the linen spray you spritzed during your stay? Metta-Home offers a selection of ethically-sourced home goods so that you can take the metta with you. Shop Heather's home goods here.

bright and airy living room, blue fireplace, bold patterns, bright pillows, floral art

Start your Metta journey

Whether you're ready to collaborate with Heather on renovating a space, or you're looking to book a weekend trip that will leave you feeling peaceful and serene, Heather and Metta-Home can help. Follow along here as we blog about more aspects of Metta-Home in depth. Additional information and how to book a consultation or how to contact Heather can all be found at

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