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Designing spaces and curating places with intentionality and care while creating sustainable interior designs that transform your space into your sanctuary.

Proudly Serving: Richmond, Charlottesville, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, VA + Washington,  DC and Potomac, MD.

MettaBuddhist meditation


1. positive energy and kindness toward others. Also known as loving-kindness meditation. The goal of metta meditation is to cultivate kindness for all beings, including yourself and the planet.

At Metta Home, we believe that a home should be a haven – a space that engenders a sense of peace and calm. Our approach involves designing and curating spaces with guests, the property, and the planet in mind. We are committed to creating unique spaces that balance beauty and practicality, while respecting the planet. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional craftsmanship, we are able to deliver tasteful, timeless interior design that speaks to your personal style and needs.

Heather Martin 
Founder and Principal

What Clients Say

"Heather took my mess of a living room and was able to visualize and execute a brand new look and feel for it mostly using things I already had. She took the room to another level by adding a beautiful carpet that brings all the colors of my home together into this central area. And the basket she chose for blankets is awesome! It's just perfect for the room. She also had an eye on getting more space out the room, which is small but now feels much bigger and inviting. I highly recommend Heather to change your home because she surely knows what she's doing!"

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