Discover what the perfect space for you feels like.

The perfect design for your space begins with clear intentions and a thorough understanding of who you are and what you want. We’ve developed a unique approach to interior design that combines beautiful symmetry and taste with your vision.



Beautiful interior design, ethical home goods, and comforting stays, all guided by the calming principles of Metta.


Browse a carefully curated collection of ethically-sourced, high-minded home goods.


Bring thoughtful, functional design to your home or short-term rental.


Experience the intersection of comfort, design, and sustainability at any of our boutique rentals.


We help you bring the Metta philosophy into your rental properties

A plant in a buddha sculpture against a beautiful gallery wall

Your home should look good and feel good.


Designing your home with Metta Home is like having a talented friend guiding you each step of the way — it’s a collaboration that gives you your dream space, works within your investment, and builds something you can be proud of for years to come.

Live in harmony.
Thoughtful & functional goods for your space.

Many of the products that are made today are produced without consideration for tomorrow. Metta Goods is a collaborated collection of high-minded and thoughtful products to add some Metta to your home.

a comfortable bedspread with a serving tray

Experience the beauty and calm in a Metta Home.

Feel the incredible peace and restorative power a Metta Home can give. Staying in a home that has been meticulously designed to feel welcoming, loving, and energizing feels different, and it’s something that words really can’t describe.


You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Interior designer and Metta founder Heather Martin

Approachable, attainable, thoughtful.

Homes that feel good don’t happen by chance — they’re created. Every choice we make, from the layout to the lighting, to where we source the pieces and furniture, affects its final feeling. It’s that collection of thoughtful choices and love that turn something bare and disjointed into a beautiful composition.


I’m Heather Martin, and after spending years creating these incredible feelings and spaces in my own homes and rentals while having friends and family begging me to do the same for them, I knew it was time to officially share my Metta Home Method with people who understand the power of design that puts our values and comfort at the forefront. 

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