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This project was a basic uplift that still transformed this riverfront bedroom. We worked with meaningful items the homeowner already had, brought in new treasures, and peppered in some repurposed finds to create a bedroom oasis. 


This complete renovation project turned a neglected small three bedroom bungalow into two short term rentals: one upstairs with two bedrooms and a large eat in kitchen area and the second is a downstairs studio basement apartment with kitchenette..


We worked with this young couple that purchased this historic home that had been previously remodeled before they moved in. They were looking to make the blank slate space reflect their personality.

Metta Portfolio


We transformed two ordinary Richmond apartments into adorable short term rentals we lovingly refer to as the Metta-Terre One and Five. This little dream was achieved on a budget.  Relying heavily on our upholsterers and our imagination 

9100 Riverside Dr Fort-large-017-050-DSC 4155Edit-1497x1000-72dpi.jpg

This stunning riverside home was a dream come true.  The owner wanted to preserve the light wood cabinetry and enhance their own earthy palette with some mid -century furniture to turn their home into a calm, relaxing space with focus on the outdoor vistas and living spaces. 

This tiny 900 SQ Foot, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home was lacking in sunlight and low on charm.  Our team opened some walls, reconfigured some spaces to add a second bathroom, open kitchen/dining area and tons of custom storage to make the homeowners big dreams a reality in this small space. 

9112 Riverside Dr Web (50 of 110)new.JPG

For this project the homeowner had already begun purchasing furniture for his large short term rental project, but ultimately felt overwhelmed in pulling his vision together.  We stepped in to take this home to the next level for his future guests.


Records, whiskey, wood and a big leather sofa.  Sound like heaven to you?  Turning a room in your home into your own sanctuary is a valuable investment.  Impacting not just the quantity of time you want to spend there. but more importantly the quality. 


This charming apartment was designed as a space for the owner's to have a place to stay when visiting their college student or for game nights.  They wants a clean, comfortable space they could also share with friends or use as a short term rental option. 

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