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When to Pivot in Interior Design: Lessons from Real-Life Renovations

Beyond Beautiful Spaces: Problem-Solving and Adaptability at Mettā Home

At Mettā Home, we take pride in being more than just an interior design company. We are problem solvers who create beautiful spaces customized to your family's unique needs. However, during the design and renovation process, unexpected challenges can arise, forcing us to pivot instead of proceeding forward as planned. In this blog post, we wanted to share a couple of stories from our past projects that highlight the importance of knowing when to pivot in interior design.

Tile Trouble: Navigating Surprises in a Bathroom Renovation

A few years ago, Heather and our team were working on a bathroom renovation. The plan for the renovation was meticulously crafted, taking into consideration every detail to create the perfect space according to the client's wishes. Unfortunately, despite our careful planning, unexpected challenges came up.

During the renovation, we discovered that many of the tiles we had ordered had arrived broken. Additionally, there was a change in the shower placement, requiring additional tiles. We initially ordered new tiles, but when they arrived, they were from an entirely new production run, creating a mismatched look!

To solve this problem, we needed to now replace the broken tiles and now also find new ones in the correct color. However, since we had ordered the tiles months in advance, there was a chance that they were no longer available. This situation called for a pivot! Heather quickly devised a backup design in case we couldn't locate the original tiles. Additionally, our team explored alternative ways to utilize the mismatched tiles if necessary. Heather also devised a plan for a partial rebuild, which would save time and resources compared to starting from scratch.

Ultimately, the project ended well, with the tiles arriving in time. Heather's longstanding relationship with our vendor helped us secure the necessary tiles, and our client appreciated having a solid backup plan in place. Keeping our clients informed with regular status updates is crucial to us, as we make every effort to minimize stress and maintain transparency throughout the process.

When Exact Measurements Are Missing: Adjusting Plans in a New Build

Another example of knowing when to pivot is crucial in interior design is a new build project Heather is currently working on. Fun fact: since it's a new build, exact measurements are not provided by the builder, as any slight change in the floorplan can affect the layout. However, with our floor planner program at Mettā Home, we can scan the floorplans and create a layout. While working on this project, it became apparent that one key piece of furniture wouldn't fit as intended. Special order items are often difficult to return, so instead of halting the project, Heather discussed her concerns with the client and decided to proceed forward.

Thanks to the backup plan in place, when the furniture arrived, it confirmed our suspicions that it wouldn't fit as intended. However, Heather was able to repurpose a wood cabinet into a magnificent statement piece in the entryway, incorporating the client's cherished artwork and adding character to the space while maintaining the desired flow and openness. In this instance, the pivot worked out even better than the original design!

The Role of Professional Designers

These examples demonstrate the importance of working with a professional designer in handling unexpected challenges. At Mettā Home, our team's expertise and relationships with vendors allow for efficient problem-solving and cost-saving measures. Open communication between clients, designers, contractors, and architects is also crucial in successfully navigating such challenges. We see ourselves as part of your team, willing to collaborate with your architect and contractors, or work alongside them if you already have a team in place.

We understand that thoughtful design decisions are essential in creating spaces that exceed client expectations. Balancing aesthetics, functionality, and sentimental value is paramount to us. By trusting in the expertise and experience of our team at Mettā Home, you can ensure that your design choices align with your goals and aspirations.

Interior design is more than just selecting items that look good together; it involves understanding and incorporating the story, emotions, and aspirations behind each project. By knowing when to pivot and adapt, we can turn challenges into opportunities for unique and remarkable designs.

If you're embarking on an interior design project, we encourage you to consider the benefits of working with a professional interior design firm like Mettā Home. Our team is dedicated to creating spaces that exceed client expectations while adhering to strict budgets and environmental sustainability considerations.

Designing with Purpose

Unexpected obstacles may require us to pivot and adapt the plans during a renovation. Through effective communication, proactive problem-solving, and creative solutions, we can turn these challenges into design triumphs. Trust in the expertise and experience of our team at Mettā Home as we guide you through every step of your interior design journey.

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