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Linen Room Spray: Metta Home fragrance No.1

Linen Room Spray: Metta Home fragrance No.1


We truly believe home is where the heart is, that's why the heart of our new Metta Goods signature home fragrance line is a combination of Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium, both are natural anti-bacterials, which help to calm and center the mind, reduce depression, tension and nervous energy.  Top notes of lemon disinfect and energize, and light florals clear the mind and lift the spirit. You can find this fragrance in our Linen Room Spray, Reed Diffuser and Diffuser Oil.


Linen Room Spray--A completely natural way to clean, sanitize and refresh your home.  Use as you would a room spray or use it directly on your upholstered furniture as an anti-bacterial and odor eliminator.

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