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I’m Heather Martin and I’m here to help people live and work with greater loving kindness, harmony, and benevolence. I am guided by the belief that home décor and design should be inspirational and aspirational – it should not only reflect who you are, but also who you want to be. Your home should both support and empower you. It should encourage you and all those who enter, to be your best self – to be authentically you.

Two years ago, I started opening our home –The Mettā Home– to travelers from around the world so they could experience the Mettā. Mettā is a Buddhist meditation practice believed to heal a troubled mind - to free it from stress, pain and confusion - and to sweeten and change negative thoughts and patterns of mind. Once achieved, Mettā is experienced as an all-embracing warmth. I curated the Mettā Goods (sheeting, bedding, towels, and home décor) and stocked the Mettā Home with the complete line for our guests to enjoy and also purchase, and seven months ago we opened the Mettā Haven in hopes of sharing the Mettā with even more people. Soon after opening the Mettā Haven, I went to property entrepreneurs (investors, owners, property managers, Airbnb, & bed & breakfast hosts) to help them build their wealth and become a destination, no matter their location, using the values of Mettā.

I’m a boomerang Richmonder who traveled around the world to explore how other people live and experience their creativity (with my big girl career in product development). I’ve been to several of the seven wonders - but the things that are most wonderful are the small moments of connection and love that we get to have with one another. I also belong to a secret cohort called FOH (Friends of Heather) that was born without my knowledge, but because I know some inspirational pioneers and trendsetters who are blazing new paths in the design world. In this time of COVID-19 I have curated ways ways I can help you live in the Mettā. Whether you are a guest in one of the Mettā Homes, a property entrepreneur, or looking to redesign your own personal space. Looking forward to connecting with you from a safe distance.

With Grace & Gratitude,


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