Turn your space into a sanctuary. 

Design is more than just an aesthetic — it’s a presentation of who you are, what you care about, and how you choose to interact with the world. 

Whether you’re a new homeowner or experienced investment property owner, Metta Home works within your goals, personality, and desired investment to create a space you can be truly proud of, and that pride goes beyond the way your house or room looks. 

That’s important, but the best design is also an expression of your values, and that’s why we’ve spent years building a deep network of process-minded artisans and contractors. Whatever your sourcing and aesthetic dreams are, we have the right people ready to make them a reality. 

And after all is said and done, your house will leave you recharged, refreshed, and feel like the perfect extension of yourself. 

What we do:

Project Management and Custom Design of Renovations

New Construction Consulting and Planning 

Virtual Interior Design

Floor Plans and Shopping Lists

Color Consultations

Sourcing and Procurement of Furnishings

Custom Furniture Design

Who we work with:

Anyone who needs a professional “eye” and wants actionable solutions

New Homeowners

Anyone Wanting to Renovate their Space

Empty Nesters

Rental Property Owners

Real Estate Agents, Architects, Contractors


How we work:

A talented friend who guides you each step of the way.

Designing your home with Metta Home is like having a talented friend guiding you each step of the way — it’s a collaboration that gives you your dream space, works within your investment range, and builds something you can be proud of for years to come. 


The first thing we do is take the time to get to know you. Understanding who you are is the first step to figuring out what direction makes the most sense for you, and by working closely together you’ll feel involved in every step of the process. 

A beautiful bohemian gallery wall with floral prints

Never be surprised by pricing. 

Part of understanding who you are and your goals is understanding how much you want to spend on a project. Your desired investment shapes our choices, not the other way around. We’ll make a diverse number of thoughtful recommendations and give you advice on where to spend big and where you can get away with spending a little less. 

A process that will leave you happy and proud.

We’ve spent years refining our process and worked on hundreds of homes and rentals. The result of all that time? An approach that always leaves clients with something they love. 

We aren’t standalone artists who come in and shake up your house. We work with you to translate your personality and spirit into a collaborative design that is uniquely yours. So if you’re ready to finally have a space that feels like you, schedule a call with us — there’s no pressure, and the worst that could happen is that we have a nice conversation!

Design and your values don’t have to be in conflict. 

You want your home to feel good and look great, but you don’t have to compromise on your ethics to make that happen. By making thoughtful choices with world-class interior designers and working with vetted manufacturing companies, we can work together to build a space that you love — from the colors and pieces to the reasons why you chose those companies in the first place. 

Bold patterned fabric on a high back chair