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Turn your home into a sanctuary. 

Design is more than just an aesthetic — it’s a presentation of who you are, what you care about, and how you choose to interact with the world. 

Whether you’re a new homeowner or experienced rental property manager, Metta Home works within your goals, personality, and desired investment to create a space you can be truly proud of, and that pride goes beyond the way your house or room looks. 

That’s important, but the best design is also an expression of your values, and that’s why we’ve spent years building a deep network of process-minded artisans and contractors. Whatever your sourcing and aesthetic dreams are, we have the right people ready to make them a reality. 

You won’t find a more relaxed and professional interior design experience. And after all is said and done, your house will leave you recharged, refreshed, and feel like the perfect extension of yourself. 

What we do:

  • Home Furnishing and Remodeling

  • New Construction 

  • E-Consults including Floor Plans and Shopping Lists

  • Renovations

  • Color Consultations

  • Custom Window Treatments and Upholstery

Who we work with:

How we work:

  • New Homeowners

  • Rental Property Owners

  • House Flippers

  • Anyone who needs a professional “eye” and wants actionable solutions.

Step 1: 30-Minute Consultation (Free of Charge)
We start by hopping on a call with you to understand your space, investment, and expected timeline. 

Step 2: Project Overview Document ($100)

My team and I deliver an inspiration board and estimated costs of the project. If you choose to continue working with us, this fee will be subtracted from the project fee. 

Step 3: On-site or Zoom Consultation ($375) 

I come to your house in person or digitally, brainstorm with you, and outline the renovation in greater detail. This step includes a timeline, specific recommendations for your space, and a list of potential contractors. 


Step 4: Project Initiation (Custom Pricing)

Depending on your investment and needs, I will work with you in whatever capacity that is best fit for you. That can range from solely delivering shopping lists and floor plans to complete project management including managing all of the contractors, purchases, and design decisions. 

We can also do virtual consultations and shopping lists for individual homes and rental properties. It entirely depends on the experience you want and the scope of your investment. 

Our Services

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