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Interior Designer and Metta Home founder Heather Martin
Interior designer looking at fabric swatches

I took a deep breath and jumped.

In 2018, I was working in product development and traveling the world to create furniture, home textiles, and home decor with our partner vendors. In my downtime, Eric (my husband) and I worked toward making our historic home in Church Hill feel and look as best as it could. We decided to approach the project with the practice of Metta loving-kindness in mind and see how that would affect our sourcing and design choices. We were so happy with the result — our home felt like a breath of fresh air every time we entered! 

I had surgery around this time, and while being stuck at home recovering, I felt that familiar nudge of change, and I decided to quit my “big girl” job and take a leap of faith. 

While Eric was away one weekend, I opened our home to a few guests on AirBnB. I thought this is the perfect opportunity to try this out before he had the chance to talk some logic into me. The first guests in our home loved our approach as much as we did, and that validation sparked something in me. Eric got on board and saw the potential I did.

That same home, now known as the Metta Home, went on to become Richmond, Virginia’s first Airbnb Plus listing. Based on this initial success, my background in interior design, and my experience in product development, I knew I could both design and source the products to help people create their own “Metta Homes” — all around the world! 


The world of Metta.


Skip forward a few years, and my life is full of Metta. Apart from managing what is now a collection of boutique Metta properties, I spend my time helping homeowners and property managers build out their dream homes and spaces — all of which are grounded in loving-kindness. 

I also source and develop unique goods to outfit my rentals and sell those products to people making or managing their own spaces. That idea came while I was preparing for guests at the Metta Home and thought, “Why should I keep all these amazing artisans and lifestyle products that I use on the Metta Homes to myself?” And thus, Metta Goods was born.

My style is approachable, sustainable, and collaborative. I am source agnostic — what your space needs depends on your personality, vision, investment, and lifestyle. With that in mind, I source from an eclectic combination of custom artisans, high-end stores, thrift store finds, repurposed items, and wherever else makes sense. 

I don’t throw away, I repurpose. And I make each purchase with an investment in mind, meaning your pieces last and keep their value long after we stop working together.  


Like a helpful guide who makes sure the end result is perfect.


My clients describe me as an anti-stress antidote. I handle any problems, sources of stress, or issues that tend to come up in complicated projects like these. I also explain my reasoning at each step and make sure every choice resonates with you.

 So while I am here to guarantee you get a professional-looking space, we end up collaborating and working together to achieve your vision. This gives you ownership and pride in our work, which also affects the final feeling of the space. 

Your home should be a sanctuary: a harmonious space of realignment where you can reconnect with your core self — your thoughts, beliefs and values. This means filling your home with products that make you feel good because they align with your personal ethos. We take the existing pieces and stories in your home, combine them with new products that have their own stories, and build out a home you will fall in love with again and again.


If you’re ready to experience what Metta Home can do for you, then either book a free consultation with me here, check out our curated collection of planet-friendly pieces and art for your space here, or stay in one of our designed homes to experience Metta yourself. 


With grace and gratitude,

Heather T. Martin 

Principal and founder of Metta Home. 

Meet more of Metta

Laura Brackett from Metta Home
Laura Brackett

Prior to joining Metta Home, Laura, originally from northern Virginia, completed her formal education at VCU in Fashion Merchandising and Business. She went on to work for the Disney company in product development. I first met Laura when we both worked at a previous company doing product development in Richmond, Virginia. Our paths crossed again when we worked together a second time at a different company in product development. We kept in touch and Laura officially joined the Metta Home team in the summer of 2020. Today, Laura assists in the day to day operations at the Metta Home company/brand. Her “can do” attitude and attention to detail helps me stay on track. I’m sure you’ll love working with her just as much as I do.

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