Process and design are equally important.


Walk into your house every day and instantly feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

When we think of our dream space or house, we tend to imagine how it feels more than the pieces that make up that feeling. Sure, you may have a paint color picked out or some furniture in mind, but when you begin thinking through everything that goes into designing a space that is uniquely yours, it can get overwhelming. 

And even if you spend all of that time and effort (and probably get a little stressed too), you aren’t guaranteed a good result. Plus, the more pressed for time and stressed you become, the less patience you’ll have to make decisions that align with your values — i.e. purchasing from artists you want to support or sourcing from materials that aren’t hurting our environment. 


And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that those snap choices in a moment of stress ultimately affect the feeling of our space — regardless of how it looks.


Consider this: if you were an animal rights activist and had a fur rug in your den, wouldn’t that introduce dissonance to your space? That’s an extreme example, but you get the idea. Even when those choices are more minor, like avoiding companies that are abusing our environment, they affect how you (and your guests!) feel in your space. 


Interior design should be a collaboration between the designer and the homeowner


After designing and working with countless of homeowners and rental property managers on their spaces, I’ve moved beyond only caring about what a space looks like. That is obviously important, and we do create incredible looking spaces, but beyond looks is process.


I’m tired of seeing people spend tens of thousands of dollars on callous designers that leave them feeling misunderstood and cheated. You spend months stressed out and don’t even get a space that’s truly right for you? It drives me crazy, and unfortunately, it’s all too common. 


I take my time and understand who you are, first. What you value. What you care about. What you want. And then, only once I understand that, do we begin the process of working together to achieve your vision.


Every choice I make with my clients is rooted in two questions: does this fit your vision, and can we get what we need from a company or artist that reflects your values and timeline. 


Like a helpful guide who makes sure the end result is perfect.


My clients describe me as an anti-stress antidote. I handle any problems, sources of stress, or issues that tend to come up in complicated projects like these. I also explain my reasoning at each step and make sure every choice resonates with you.


So while I am here to guarantee you get a professional-looking space, we end up collaborating and working together to achieve your vision. This gives you ownership and pride in our work, which also affects the final feeling of the space. 


The end results of my projects are rejuvenating spaces that reflect every aspect of who you are and what you want them to feel like, and that type of care is long-lasting, and in some ways, priceless.


If you’re ready to experience what Metta Home can do for you, then either book a free consultation with me here, check out our curated collection of planet-friendly pieces and art for your space here, or stay in one of our designed homes to experience Metta yourself. 


With love,

Heather Martin 

Lead designer and founder of Metta Home. 

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